Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Short Walk Down Memory Hole Lane

A Short Walk Down Memory Hole Lane: "Nancy Pelosi recently claimed that protestors were 'carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare', as if she were astonished to hear of such behavior. The truth of the matter is that this crass, adolescent style of protest has been standard fare at virtually all anti-war and leftwing political demonstrations since at least 2003. In fact, the number of offensive signs that have shown up at recent 'tea parties' and townhalls is not even comparable to the sheer quantity of signs featuring swastikas, Hitler comparisons and other outrageous imagery at anti-war protests. The only thing that's new is that all of a sudden the media has begun to notice them."
And he proves it by posting an endless series of Bush=Hitler photos taken at left-wing demos, all of which never added up to a significant issue for the media at the time. Now it is right-wingers who are acting like idiots, showing up with rifles and Hitler posters, and suddenly the media are analyzing it to death and, even worse, suggesting that these Obama=Hitler bozos are somehow typical of those who oppose Obama's policies.

As a political science professor I find that kind of "free speech" depressing, but it is protected by the First Amendment. The point is that both sides should be subject to criticism...or should both sides be ignored because all they want is the attention from the media?

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Beth said...

Amen to the 1A protections. Not to mention--comparisons to Hitler are about the laziest form of criticism there is. Is anyone ever convinced by it, or does it just make the already-angry people feel good? When "Hitler" is invoked, I know I stop listening.