Thursday, August 20, 2009

How about hiring the goats as contractors?

Hungry goats to eat up fire hazards in Diamond Bar - "In order to clear potentially flammable brush from 48 acres of open land in south Diamond Bar, the city appropriated $43,000 Tuesday for hand crews and goats. It's a significantly cheaper option than using only humans.

When the Los Angeles County Fire Department recently inspected fire breaks in the city, it found three parcels of land that weren't in compliance with the fire code. But there was a problem. The three parcels, near the intersection of Pathfinder and Peaceful Hills roads, belong to two homeowners' associations and Diamond Bar had never maintained them before. The Oakridge Community Homeowners' Association owns one parcel of land, while the Woodglen Community Homeowners' Association owns two. The city argues it doesn't have legal responsibility to maintain the land and shouldn't have to pay for the brush clearing. But given the ongoing wildfire season and last year's Triangle Complex Fire, the city opted to take on the work for safety of its residents - but will seek reimbursement from the homeowners' associations."


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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the goats were there. They are in a very tight spot. One of the goats that was there had their head stuck in the electric fence. Dont know how great this is...