Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kausfiles : Obama's Overreach

Kausfiles : Obama's Overreach: "On tax increases, Obama said:

'I don't want that final one-third of the cost of health care to be completely shouldered on the backs of middle-class families who are already struggling in a difficult economy. And so if I see a proposal that is primarily funded through taxing middle-class families, I'm going to be opposed to that ...' [E.A.]

In standard Washspeak, this means Obama is open to a health reform that taxes middle class families as long as it isn't 'primarily' or 'completely' funded by taxes on middle class families. But 49% funded by taxes on middle class families? ... However you interpret these sentences, it's hard to see how Obama hasn't given a flashing green light to non-trivial tax increases on middle class families. ... 6:10 P.M."

So says Mickey Kaus. And I am certain he is right, because there is no way on earth that "the rich" can be soaked sufficiently to cover all this extravagant federal spending.

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