Monday, July 20, 2009

Coming soon to the USA: health commissars

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Man refused liver transplant dies: "A man from east London who began binge-drinking at 13 has died after being denied a life-saving liver transplant.

Gary Reinbach, 22, from Dagenham, was given only a few weeks to live after developing cirrhosis of the liver.

He was admitted to University College Hospital London (UCL) with alcohol damage for the first time 10 weeks ago.

But health chiefs ruled he should not be exempt from strict organ donation criteria which require an alcohol-free period of at least six months."

And soon, we here in the USA may get our very own "health chiefs," meaning the government commissars who will decide whether we live or die. That's how socialized medicine works, and anybody who doesn't see where Obamacare is designed to lead is either blind or disingenous.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone could see this coming, Comrade McKenzie. With health care costs out of control, of course there is going to be guvmint rationing.

Might be a good thing to get those lazy, fat ass Americans off the couch and adopting healthy lifestyles.