Monday, June 29, 2009

Clotheslines blow through culture again | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Clotheslines blow through culture again | Richmond Times-Dispatch: "Planned communities and condos frequently have covenants that ban or restrict the use of clotheslines. In the Richmond area, restrictions vary -- from all-out prohibition, as in Charles Glen in Henrico County, to restricted use, as in Chesterfield County's venerable Woodlake and Brandermill subdivisions.

'We do allow portable devices [drying racks], just not permanent ones,' said Brian Hoyle, community-standards manager for Woodlake, where racks must be brought inside once the laundry is dry.

With more than 300,000 community associations across the country, promoting clothesline use has been an uphill task for Alexander Lee, founder of the nonprofit Project Laundry List, which he started 11 years ago as a Middlebury College student."

Using coercion to enforce bonehead stereotypes about what is bad for property values--your HOA in action.

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