Monday, June 29, 2009

Indiana Governor Warns Government Shutdown Possible

Indiana Governor Warns Government Shutdown Possible: "Gov. Mitch Daniels has said he was prepared to keep essential services such as public safety running if lawmakers do not pass a budget by midnight June 30, but warned that most of state government would shut down.

Daniels said he would use emergency powers to keep state police and prisons operating, and public assistance - including unemployment insurance - would keep being distributed to those already eligible. The Indiana National Guard, state Department of Homeland Security and health officials would be available on standby.

But he said state parks would not be open and Bureau of Motor Vehicle branches and other state offices would close, as would casinos and the lottery because they are regulated by the state. Most of the state's 30,900 employees would be furloughed."

Thanks to Fred Pilot for this barely pre-apocalyptic announcement.


Fred Pilot said...

This sounds even more dire than California. I wonder if Indiana will seek a federal bail out?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm! Could we shut down the Imperial Federal Government in Washington for a while? Without their pervasive meddling, the economy would improve!