Friday, June 26, 2009

U. of I. jobs-for-entry scheme --

U. of I. jobs-for-entry scheme -- "What does it cost to get an unqualified student into the University of Illinois law school?

Five jobs for graduating law students, suggest internal e-mails released Thursday.

The documents show for the first time efforts to seek favors -- in this case, jobs -- for admissions, the most troubling evidence yet of how Illinois' entrenched system of patronage crept into the state's most prestigious public university."

This is just disgraceful.


Beth said...

I agree. I guess it wouldn't be surprising if occasionally a patronage student were to get in, but the fact that such admissions were so systematized does shock me. I've been wondering if something like that might be happening at my univ., and how I would find out. OTOH, my univ isn't as prestigious, so we'd be less at risk.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this "practice," may be more widespread and "customary," than any of us want to believe. Beth is right, "how I would find out."