Monday, February 09, 2009

Japanese Firms Start Testing Robot-infrastructure Communication -- Tech-On!: "Shimizu Corp and Yaskawa Electric Corp opened the 'Smart Showroom' demonstration space as the first step of the 'Smart Robotics Building' project, which involves the use of robot technologies in intelligent buildings.

The project is aimed at providing various services and comfortable living environment through combination of building infrastructure technologies and robot technologies. Robots will play the roles of receptionist, guide, delivery personnel, cleaners, guards, etc in place of humans. For example, they will approach visitors, attend to and take them to their destinations in the building."

When the housing market recovers, or perhaps as part of generating that recovery, I think developers will be making expanded use of electronics, including robotics. They have to find some way to make the product more interesting and life-changing. Having a robot house-train your dog would be a step forward. First the robot has to be house-trained, I suppose. But if Skynet Corporation is involved you can count me out.

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