Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ask Dr. Joyce Starr and about Homeowner Rights internet radio show 2/12/2009 | How to Lose Your Home for $400 or Less

Ask Dr. Joyce Starr and about Homeowner Rights internet radio show 2/12/2009 | How to Lose Your Home for $400 or Less: "Host Name:
Show Name: How to Lose Your Home for $400 or Less
Length: 30 min
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A homeowner based in Texas missed a $400 payment to his homeowners association - which soon mushroomed into an additional $3000/plus in legal fees, foreclosure and eviction. "
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Anonymous said...

The Texas statutes are designed to allow the association attorney to rack up fees with impunity despite any attempt the owner makes to pay. Moreover, the law firm engagement letter will prohibit the Board members from speaking with the accused - so the HOA Boards don't necessarily know what is going on.

This particular section of the Texas Property Code was authored by Sen. John Carona - owner of the largest legion of HOA management companies (and related businesses such as resale certificates, title companies, insurance, and banking) wrote this law to benefit himself and industry vendors - not the homeowners. This is section 209 of the Texas Property Code.

If you look closely at the statute, it provides the vendors with an blank check to write on the homeowner's account. The statutes allow the homeowner to redeem, but only after a foreclosure and eviction (both of which incur attorney fees). Moreover, the homeowner is not permitted to question any of the "debt" - he must simply pay it.

The HOA will be paid last, if at all. This isn't about protecting HOAs, it's about creating an environment where industry predators profit through pure extortion - threatening the homeowner with the loss of their home unless they pay the management company and HOA attorney whatever such entities demand - off the books of the HOA.

Anonymous said...

Texas is not the only state/commonwealth. Look at VA, FL, NV, AZ, CT, MA, NC, SC, GA, CO, PA, NJ, etc.... the list goes on and on. YOU SAID IT RIGHT, though. "PREDATORS, PROFIT, EXTORTION." What you did not add was the "tactics" used and especially involving vulnerable populations, as well as others who cannot fight back, or, advised that "this is nothing, and will be thrown out of court." "They can't do that."
Oh, and yes, what did they steal, that others will be made to pay for????

Anonymous said...

I know Dr. Joyce Starr and am very happy to see this info about the show. One of her book, "Defend Your Condo and Homeowner Rights..." is excellent, as I trust her other books on this subject are, as well.
There was also an interview, of Dr. Starr, with Shu Bartholomew, on