Sunday, April 24, 2016

5 Reasons You Hate Your HOA

5 Reasons You Hate Your HOA

I'm quoted in this Kiplinger article, but I didn't say anything about hating anybody.

McKenzie tells me “there are very few avenues for individuals to take on their associations.” There are elected seats on the board, usually filled by home owners, but manipulating that internal political process is “harder to do than it sounds." And getting bylaws changed? Forget about it. "The problem is those governing documents were intentionally set up to be very hard to change," McKenzie says. "This has always been like this, back into the ‘60s. They want to know that the product isn’t going to change, so they made the declarations very hard to amend.”

Resorting to a lawyer is another route, but a tricky one, says McKenzie. Judges won’t smile down on you. “They look at you like you’re complaining about something you agreed to; you accepted the rules.”

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