Saturday, September 07, 2013

Man stabbed in dispute with HOA president |

Man stabbed in dispute with HOA president |
SAN DIEGO — A man was stabbed Friday during a dispute between the president of an Otay Mesa homeowners association and a worker, San Diego police said. The 59-year-old HOA officer got into an argument with the 39-year-old man about work that was done for the association, police Officer David Stafford said.
I haven't tried to add up all the incidents of HOA and condo violence, but these incidents underscore how intense HOA/condo neighborhood disputes can be, beyond the sense of injustice that arises in many conflicts.  One reason is the inability to separate people. Two people can get into a dispute at a baseball game or a bar, and after they are separated they may never see each other again. But when people live in the same neighborhood they run into each other again and again.  And in a condo association or HOA, there is another level of connection because everybody is linked in an economic and governance arrangement.  So there is no way to separate the combatants unless one of them moves.  A second reason is that HOA and condo disputes often involve people's feelings about their home, which are intensely personal. The home is where we can be ourselves and where we go when we want to feel safe. If people feel that they are being plagued by neighbors, even when they are home, they often experience a deep sense of insecurity, intrusion, and even violation.


IC_deLight said...

Important to note that it was the HOA president who stabbed the worker.

I mean the president can force homeowners into line by threatening them with foreclosure. He was no doubt at a loss when that threat carried no weight for the utility worker whose house was not subject to the HOA.

IC_deLight said...

Because they ARE being violated, Evan.

HOAs and the industry that thrives on such intrusions operate to destroy a person's zone of defensible space. It is why "planned communities" are absolutely doomed even though by outward appearance they may last a while.

The existence of the physical structure should not be confused with the people living there. The structures may stand for a while - The population will be constantly changing because these are just unpleasant places to live for the unelected class (i.e., 99% of the residents).