Saturday, September 07, 2013

Homeowner wins tree battle against Southern Highlands HOA -

Homeowner wins tree battle against Southern Highlands HOA -
"In the Spring, the Southern Highlands HOA began sending Louis letters saying he was in violation for not having trees in his front yard. "My house has more greenery than any house you wanna go around and look at, and they're saying I still need a tree, which I do not agree with that." They told him he had to put two trees in, despite the fact that he bought the home brand new from builder Pulte Homes, who installed the landscape in 2002. "If they had came to us a year after we came, I would have probably had to give in, but 11 years?" Louis says incredulously. "I don't see why I have to give in." Another issue wrapped up in all this is that by requiring homeowners to put in more trees, the HOA is requiring homeowners to use more water. And many say that's just plain irresponsible, considering the drought situation we're in here in Southern Nevada."
Ordering people to plant more trees in a Southern Nevada yard?  This makes sense to somebody? How, please?

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