Saturday, August 24, 2013

KXAN - HOA used satellites to spot violations |

KXAN - HOA used satellites to spot violations |
But three years after buying the property, the Henry's received a letter from their homeowner's association. "It said that they were doing an audit and they noticed I had a metal shed in my back yard and it wasn't approved by my homeowners association," Henry said. Gavin, who is a disabled veteran, told the HOA the shed was there before he bought the property and none of his neighbors had ever complained about it. He was then told it was now his responsibility to remove it, change it up to code, or else. "They said they would put a lien on my house and this is problem now," Henry said. But that wasn't his only problem. Since the shed isn't visible from the front yard and no one knocked on the Henry's door, Gavin contacted the HOA to ask how they performed the audit. "I was told they went on Google Earth and they were looking into the backyard of the residents to find any disputes," Gavin said. "I felt like that's an invasion of our privacy for one."
Charming.  Maybe they should contact the NSA next time.  Thanks to Shu Bartholomew for the link.

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