Friday, August 23, 2013

KXAN - Chalk drawing draws citation from HOA|

KXAN - Chalk drawing draws citation from HOA| BUDA, Texas (KXAN) - In many neighborhoods, playful, colorful sidewalk chalk art is a summertime staple. But in one Hays County neighborhood, parents are finding out their kids' art isn't a game.

A homeowner in the Elm Grove Neighborhood was hit with a citation telling her to remove her children's "chalk drawings" or risk paying a pretty hefty price.

The notice from the homeowner's association prompted her friends and neighbors to contact KXAN for answers.
Kids with chalk threaten property values.  See the special investigative report at 10 on KXAN-TV.

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IC_deLight said...

What else would you expect from Texas state Senator John Carona's legion of HOA management companies? This subdivision is under the control of Alliance Association Management Elm Grove Property Owners Association

This is not a "homeowner controlled" HOA - it is developer controlled. There is no "right person" to be in control, the only solution is eliminating involuntary membership in an HOA corporation. Lawsuits, threats, and chaos are very profitable for Alliance and its business practices are designed to ensure them. The objectives of those running the HOA corporation is to profit from the involuntary members of the HOA corporation. Hence, HOAs will NEVER be operated for the benefit or interest of the involuntary members. If membership was such a great thing, it wouldn't be involuntary.