Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Is America seeing 'The End of The Suburbs'? -

Is America seeing 'The End of The Suburbs'? - The reasons are varied, but several disparate factors all point to a decrease in demand for traditional suburban living: many Americans are tiring of the physical aspect of the suburbs, the design of which has changed dramatically over the years to gradually spread people farther and farther apart from one another and the things they like to do, making them increasingly reliant on their cars and, increasingly, on Thelma and Louise –length commutes. Big demographic shifts are seeing our population grow older, younger, and more diverse seemingly all at once, while powerful social trends are shrinking and transforming the American nuclear family, long the dominant driver of suburbia. An epic financial crisis coupled with the rising cost of energy has made punishing commutes also unaffordable, while a new- found hyperawareness of environmental issues has shaken up and re-ordered our priorities in ways that stand in direct conflict to the suburban way of life.
As go the 'burbs, so goes Privatopia. But only part of it. While a suburban decline might not bode well for big planned unit common interest developments and gated communities, the author's premise of a concurrent rise in urban living could boost attached common interest developments such as condo and coop projects.

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