Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Gunman kills three at Ross Township meeting | PoconoRecord.com

Gunman kills three at Ross Township meeting | PoconoRecord.

"Three people died Monday night when a gunman opened fire on a Ross Township municipal meeting, indiscriminately shooting into the building, authorities said. Eyewitnesses at the scene and state police identified the gunman as Rockne Newell, a self-proclaimed junk collector who has had a long-simmering feud with the township for keeping a junkyard on his property."
The background to this horrible incident is in an article from the Pocono Record in June. There are several issues with his property--junk, emergency vehicle access, no building permits, etc.. It appears that he is one of these folks who thinks he can do whatever he wants on his property.  Now he has killed three people.

"Ross Township hopes to buy a Flyte Road property, deemed an eyesore and up for sheriff's sale next month, to clean it up and remove what it calls a stream obstruction. Ruling in the township's favor, Monroe County Court last August ordered Rockne Newell, 59, to vacate and never again occupy or use the property, unless he has the proper permits to do so. The township's efforts to take over the land he's owned since 1990 are the latest development in an 18-year battle against Newell. "This is total (horse excrement)," said Newell, who has been living out of his 1984 Fiero and in abandoned buildings since being ordered to vacate. "They have no right to kick me off my property. They call my property an 'eyesore.' When I bought it, it was one of only three properties on the entire road that didn't have what they call 'junk.'"

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