Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Residents question HOA accountability |

Residents question HOA accountability |
AUSTIN (KXAN) - A dispute over what could be more than $1 million in unaccounted-for spending by an Austin homeowners association has sparked a police inquiry into possible fraud and theft, a KXAN investigation has confirmed.
Yes...another one.
Thanks to Fred Pilot for the link.

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Anonymous said...

1. Maybe if the HOA/condo industry had not so vigorously opposed open meetings and open records re condos, this problem could have been discovered long ago. Since closed meetings, closed records, closed elections all foster fraud, embezzlement, etc. one must wonder exactly what business the HOA/condo industry is in.

2. The CAI HOA/condo attorney sure makes it sound like those homeowners have rights to access records under the law, doesn't he? The law appears to impose a lot of "shalls" on the condo with respect to records. But the "shalls" are without teeth and the remedies for the homeowners are nonexistent or useless. Wonder what trade group promoted zero remedies for homeowners?