Monday, May 21, 2012

Inmates riot in Mississippi private prison, one guard killed

Inmates riot in Mississippi prison, one guard killed -

 Inmates seized control of a privately owned prison in Mississippi on Sunday after riots broke out, and a guard was killed in the chaos in the low security facility, authorities said. Adams County Coroner James Lee said the 23-year-old guard died of blunt trauma to the head during the riot at the Adams County Correctional Center, a privately owned prison that houses mostly illegal immigrants for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. "This is an ongoing riot that still has not been rectified because the prisoners are in still in charge of the prison," Lee said, speaking at around 9 p.m. local time. The disturbance in the 2,567-bed prison began on Sunday afternoon inside the facility in Natchez, Mississippi, the Corrections Corporation of America, which owns the prison, said in a statement.
This experiment in privatization doesn't seem to be turning out so well.

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Anonymous said...

What happens when the inmates in HOA-land start rioting?

Though experiment: Do the reasons for the Second Amendment apply to private corporate governments?

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