Sunday, March 11, 2012

Legislators want fewer HOA rules on streets

Lawmakers have for a number of years proposed legislation that would stop HOAs from setting rules regarding public streets. The bills stem from resident complaints about being fined for parking their own vehicles on public streets in front of their own homes.

"The reason this bill keeps coming back year after year is because there's a problem we're trying to solve," said Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, who proposed one of this year's bills. "HOA communities do not have regulating authority over public roadways."
As I said previously in this space, I've never understood the need for this bill. How can a private corporation assert jurisdiction over a public right of way? Have Privatopian principalities as George Staropoli refers to them gotten so powerful they believe they can annex or declare public roads within their sphere of influence?

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Anonymous said...

Here is a video about homeowners who are forced to choose between complying with the parking regulations of the City of Albuquerque or the Eagle Point HOA.

If they obey the city regulations, they get fined by the HOA. If they obey the HOA regulations, they get ticketed by the city police.

Although this is a news story that aired on Channel 4, and there is nothing inappropriate, somebody flagged it on YouTube:

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Hmmmmm, I wonder who would have an interest in keeping people from seeing this video.

This 2 minute long video can be viewed on other web sites such as

The story does not say who owns the streets. It probably never occurred to the reporters to ask.