Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jury Awards Couple $3.8M in Molokai Condo Dispute


"A Maui jury has awarded a couple $3.87 million in damages for enduring what their attorney described as “the equivalent of a John Ford Western where an isolated town is run by a villain and his collection of thugs” at a West Molokai condominium."
Thanks to Shu Bartholomew for this link. 


Doc HOAliday said...

“an isolated town is run by a villain and his collection of thugs”

have now become

“a privatized town is run by a corporate board and its collections thugs”

Anonymous said...

According to a story at themolokainews.com/2012/03/27/ke-nani-kai-residents-receive-3-87-million-jury-award-against-condo-association/

"Aldrich, who didn’t join the Bevills lawsuit because he couldn’t afford the $900,000 of attorney fees,"

Unless you literally have a million dollars to spend, it is unlikely you will receive justice from a court of law when being abused by your HOA.

As Professor McKenzie said two years ago at onthecommons.net/2010/06/26/on-the-commons-with-evan-mckenzie.aspx

"The transaction costs of enforcing an owner's rights are so great that they are hardly ever able to do it."