Friday, March 30, 2012

Don’t question your HOA or you might get arrested

Frank and Stebbins believed the board was piling up excess reserves -- more than $3 million -- when that money should have been returned to homeowners. Not returning it placed the money at risk of IRS tax liability, they insisted.

Frank and Stebbins built their case and then sought advice from friends in the legal community to avoid a boomerang lawsuit from the HOA board. They were advised to bring the issue to local law enforcement, meaning Henderson Police. Bad advice.

Frank and Stebbins accused two board members of “forgery” -- essentially knowingly signing a false statement -- which was probably also imprudent.
Indeed. It's understandable that most HOA inmates can't afford to lawyer up to go after the board or don't have the inclination or ability to file a pro se court petition. But calling the cops to sort out HOA issues probably isn't the best move.

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