Sunday, January 22, 2012

FHA lending rules: Condo buildings -

FHA lending rules: Condo buildings -
Since Feb. 1, 2010, condo buyers haven't been able to secure unit-by-unit "spot" approval for FHA-backed mortgages if an entire building was not certified. Instead, the federal government set criteria to determine the financial viability of an entire building before deeming the project as FHA-approved, even if it had previously been certified. An approval lasts two years.

The number of rejected buildings is adding up, due to bad paperwork and bad balance sheets as an increasing number of condo associations struggle with rentals, short sales and foreclosures. It is jeopardizing the plans of condo sellers who rely on the FHA's stamp of approval as a marketing tool and condo buyers who either want or need an FHA-approved building.

This is a huge problem not just with FHA loans but with Fannie Mae certification, which is also building by building.

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Fred Pilot said...

Looks like a lot of these have fallen into Tyler Berding's Phase 4 death spiral.