Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slab City, Calif.: HOA Free Zone

There are no municipal services, no streetlights and no water or sewage services. But nobody charges rent or collects fees or tries to impose homeowner covenants.

Several hundred people — ranging from the free-spirited young, retired "snowbirds" from colder climes and the tight-money crowd of all ages — live in a ramshackle collection of tents, trailers, aging mobile homes and other ad hoc dwellings. But this unlikely community appears to be growing, perhaps because of the troubled economy.

"It has a post-apocalyptic look and we like it that way," said Don Case, 41, who worked as a chef in Colorado and is planning to move to Alaska — someday. "It's peaceful here, people have it together."

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Communisty Associations Institute said...

> nobody charges rent or collects fees
> or tries to impose homeowner covenants.

The top photo to that story shows a 3-year old girl who was injured "after she fell off a skateboard in what was once a swimming pool."

This is what happens when there isn't an organized association with the necessary powers to collect fees and enforce covenants in order to provide the amenities that Americans are willing to give up their rights for.

The next time you or any of your readers criticizes HOAs, please think of the children first.

The author of the story uses words such as "desolation and deprivation", "ramshackle", "aging", and "post-apocalyptic" to describe this area that lacks a strong community association. "Slab City is a community of lost souls," and the residents are described as "a captive audience" to the sermons of Pastor Patrick McFarland. Captive! These people are obviously incapable of governing themselves.

Only through our heavy-handed corporate paternalism can these people truly know what it is like to live in a thriving and vibrant community, where their property values are protected and their homes are forever collateral. Fortunately, our CAI trained-and-certified property managers and attorneys are ready provide the necessary education and professional services that this so-called "community" is lacking.