Friday, December 23, 2011

HOA threatens to fine Wellington family for Christmas decorations

WELLINGTON — Davin Armstrong is facing his own version of the Grinch this year: a homeowners association that wants to snuff out his Christmas decorations.

Armstrong, 35, and his wife, Amber Hersh, 34, have won the town of Wellington’s Christmas lights display two years in a row, but in June, his Buffalo Creek subdivision HOA passed a rule limiting the amount of permissible lawn ornaments to three, he said.

The HOA is now threatening to fine the family $25 every two weeks until they take the lights down, he said. His display, which has become a neighborhood favorite, exceeds the rule by more than 20.
Merry Christmas from Privatopia, where they're making a list and checking it twice.


Communisty Associations Institute said...

Mr. Armstrong and Mrs. Hersh were aware of the rules when they purchased their home. That the rules were unilaterally amended after they joined the association is no excuse.

Like so many other divisive troublemakers, the Armstrong's negative attitude is infecting the community. The news story you link to says that their next door neighbor Natosha "Mason said she has little respect for the neighborhood’s [community association]."

Given that an "'association'…is all of our neighbors", and "it's hard to divorce the interests of the owners from the interests of the association. Because by definition the association are the owners", then disrespecting your community association is disrespecting your neighbors.

What happens when other members of the association are infected with the idea that it's OK to have "little respect" for their neighbors? It's anarchy waiting to happen.

The other homeowners who take pride in following the rules should not have to suffer damages and bear the administrative and legal expenses incurred by their HOA. It is sad that instead of taking responsibility for their actions and paying their $50/month debt to their neighborhood like real Americans, the Armstrongs decided to slander their community by convincing a local newspaper to publish a slanted story where they, instead of the association, are portrayed as the victim. Think of what these self-serving grinches have done to the property values of their neighbors' homes.

The HOA's board of directors are volunteers who give freely of their time to make Buffalo Creek a better place for everybody, and this is the thanks they get. If the Armstrongs really cared about their neighbors, they would Get Involved™ with their community association and help their board members, rather than spreading negative information about their neighborhood.

We at the Communisty Associations Institute wish the decent rules-abiding dues-paying homeowners of Buffalo Creek a happy holiday, even though the Armstrongs are trying to destroy the sense of community we have worked so hard to create and maintain for you.

G. Rinch said...

To S. Claus,

Your request to be permitted to land on the roofs in our community has been denied by the board of directors.

Our community association's bylaws clearly state that no sleigh may be pulled by more than two reindeer. Your configuration exceeds that limit by 6 (7 if you count Rudolph).

Please make other arrangements to deliver your packages, and be aware that it is prohibited to deliver packages after 9:00 pm.

Also, attached is a list of homes that are delinquent in paying their assessments, and are thus not permitted to have visitors. Any visitation to the addresses on the attached list will result in the homeowners being fined $100 per day per prohibited home.

We thank you for your voluntary cooperation with our rules, and have a happy holiday.

G. Rinch
President, Buffalo Creek HOA

Anonymous said...

Hoa, hoa, hoa.

Anonymous said...

To CAI: Your facts are wrong. The Armstrongs DID not contact the paper. The paper contacted them and they told their story. The rules have changed and this being the 3rd year the lights have been up and NOW it is an issue. The Town of Wellington puts on a house holiday lighting contest which means the Armstrongs are getting involved with their community. They are also not the only home in this sub division who is violating the rules and I am sure they are being fined as well. So they are standing up for everyone who wants to show their Christmas spirit. There is nothing wrong with that. I doubt the display is decreasing the value of the homes around them but possibly the amount of foreclosed and empty homes in this subdivision. Also....the lighting display and the Armstrong home is a drop off point for their county's food bank and for Lights For Life which is a organization to take old Christmas lights and recycle them to help kids with cancer. How is that NOT helping the community? Get your facts straight before you speak. I live in this subdivision and we enjoy the display every year. As does everyone here. We have a few people on our board who want to change rules and keep their meetings secret. This will change I am sure of it. Our "community" will not let this happen anymmore. This was the last straw.