Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dispute over child's playhouse becomes an international story | Fayette County |

Dispute over child's playhouse becomes an international story | Fayette County |
But the story of 3-year-old Cooper Veloudis' playhouse has created a buzz from coast to coast and has even made it overseas. Links to stories and blog posts about the playhouse — which Cooper's family says is instrumental in his physical therapy for cerebral palsy — have fueled online debates that have evolved into phone calls and letters that vilify the Andover Forest Homeowners Association, the organization that ordered the Veloudis family to remove the playhouse because it violates deed restrictions.

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody want to bet that Glenn Beck and his followers will show as much concern for the plight of Cooper Veloudis as they have for Johnnie and Clara Russell?

Anonymous said...

After over a decade of ridiculing "zero tolerance" policies in public schools

and using those examples as evidence that the public school system is flawed,

it is telling that conservatives and libertarians can accept and rationalize the zero-tolerance policies of private corporate governments.

Along with

* double taxation
* excessive litigation by and for greedy lawyers
* using dues against the interests of dues-paying members (compare to "paycheck protection" proposals for union workers)
* theft of individuals' homes (contrast Susette Kelo to Michael Clauer)
* communism: the collective ownership of your private property

zero-tolerance and the lack-of-common-sense is another one of those features of HOAs that the political Right should be against, but for some reason is not.