Friday, December 30, 2011

Byron Raynie » HOA Legislation

Byron Raynie » HOA Legislation
Here is a more complete list of the new Texas laws with the numbers of the bills and their contents.

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Anonymous said...

Key opponents of HOA legislation in Texas have been home builders, professional HOA managers, and their lobbyists. One of their lobbyist organizations is TCAA (Texas Community Association Advocates). TCAA (and their predecessor) has been lobbying against openness in HOA governance and other liberties for several Texas legislative sessions.

Although the last couple of sentences are absolutely true, the first needs clarification. TCAA and homebuilders do not oppose HOA legislation - they are the reason that the statutes regarding HOAs were so heavily oriented towards HOA management companies and other HOA vendors.

TCAA and the Texas Association of Builders did not "oppose HOA legislation" per se, they opposed anything that might interfere with the extremely unlevel playing field created by existing statutes that the HOA vendors had already previously put in place.