Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Broadband Blindness" trailer...starring Fred Pilot

Broadband Blindness
Chances are, your internet connection is running out of capacity. But what can you do? Maybe you’re happy right now. But with streaming Netflix and YouTube and photo album downloading, and...the list goes on...all of this is putting severe strains on the cable TV and telephone companies. Their answer is usually to throttle the network or charge you more for usage. And yet when they do, there’s no guarantee they’ll increase capacity to your home. End result? You’re screwed.
Fred is interviewed in this film, and you can get a good sense of what the film is about right here.


Anonymous said...

Why not import bandwidth from Mexico?

It's the solution to the water shortage.

Anonymous said...

While searching for more info on this film, I found that "Broadband Blindess" was "fully funded" as of two months ago.

If anyone else is looking to fund a film project, Andrew Wahlquist could use about $500,000 to turn "The Association" into a full-length feature.