Monday, July 11, 2011

Courts award $400,000 for botched renovation by condo president

A Boca Raton condo owner has won a $400,000 court judgment against an unlicensed contractor who allegedly falsified invoices and violated the terms of his contract by charging triple what he was paying his subcontractors.

But what made owner Don Nadick's case unusual: The contractor, Richard Pettoni, was Nadick's condo board president. Nadick said that fact made him figure he had nothing to worry about when Pettoni approached him in 2009, claimed to be a general contractor and offered to handle Nadick's $120,000 renovation job.

But Pettoni never had a contracting license, state records show, a violation of the condo rules he had been elected to uphold.


Oh, how can we fleece thee? Let us count the ways!

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