Thursday, June 02, 2011

Newly amended bill would restrict library privatization

SACRAMENTO - Local governments would have to jump through multiple hoops before they could privatize local libraries under newly recrafted legislation moving through the Assembly.

The measure would require officials to provide detailed proof that contracting out would save money. It also would prohibit the layoffs of existing employees, among other rules.

The bill could have major implications for Riverside County. In 1997, the county became the first in the country to contract with a private company to provide library services.
Privatizing local government services -- while controversial -- is one thing.  Privatizing local government itself in the form of mandated homeowner associations is quite another.


Fred Fischer said...

It’s a sad day in American history when the management and maintenance of inadament objects such as books, magazines, CD’s and DVDs may have if this legislation passes more requirements to privatize than does privatization of housing.

Especially considering that privatizing the operations of a library compared to housing doesn’t lead to:

•An increased debt for members
•Greater housing costs
•A greater chance of foreclosure and penalties
•Increase numbers of legal suits
•The loss of property rights
•The loss of control over one’s own property
•The loss of homestead, some constitutional and other rights
•An increase in stress that contributes towards divorce and violence towards others
•Much more personal liability and risk
•The marketing masquerade of claiming preservation of property values
•And on
•And on

Privatization of housing is a government giveaway. Resulting in its owners becoming more like tenants than owners with fewer rights and protections than many renters. In addition to inheriting the debt of others and having “undo influence” imposed upon them to render members as helpless as possible.

Anonymous said...

Or, to sum up what Fred said:

Being a home owner in an HOA comes with all of the burdens and responsibilities of home ownership, but almost none of the rights.

If somebody can edit that to make it shorter, please do so.