Saturday, April 16, 2011

Post hailstorm email from HOA ticks off residents

PROSPER — An e-mail sent by a homeowners' association in Prosper is angering victims of Sunday night's thunderstorms. Neighbors in the Preston Lakes subdivision worry that community rules outlining homes' appearance may slow their rebuilding from damage caused by the violent storm that pelted properties with golf ball-sized hailstones.

"You don't say that less than 24 hours after something like this hits you," said Cindy Stuver, who lost nearly half her windows to the hailstorm. "That's wrong!"  She and others are furious about the e-mail blast sent out by the local homeowners' association.

"This e-mail is to just make sure that everyone in our community is OK," HOA board member Shelly Van Blarcum wrote. The message went on to remind residents of the neighborhood guidelines that dictate homes' appearance — including the type of windows used and the color of shingles.
This story shows how HOAs are not viewed by their constituents as a helpful entity but instead as intrusive and over controlling.


Anonymous said...

These whiny homeowners are incredibly ungrateful for what the HOA has done to help the homeowners recover from this natural disaster.

These people obviously don't appreciate the tough decision the volunteer board of directors had to make:

1) send out a notice that the CC&R require certain standards, or
2) let the homeowner spend thousands of dollars for materials not authorized by the CC&Rs, and then have to fine and threaten their neighbors with litigation and expensive attorney fees to force the homeowner to spend several thousand more dollars to have the roof re-done to comply with the CC&Rs

Would the homeowners in question rather have been fined and sued for choosing the wrong color roof after-the-fact? Because that was the only alternative option available to the HOA board, which tried to do the neighborly thing.

Why is it that people like this complain about the HOA rules they agreed to abide by only after they learn the true implications of the pact they signed?

Anonymous said...

That's because HOAs aren't helpful entities and instead are intrusive and controlling.