Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HOA that prohibited hoarding now talks smoking restrictions

"LAGUNA WOODS – The largest homeowners association in Laguna Woods Village that recently prohibited residents from hoarding, will consider a policy that would limit where residents can smoke. The board of directors for United Mutual, a cooperative housing association that governs 6323 units, will meet Tuesday to consider a policy that could prohibit smoking inside all or a portion of units and in common areas."
Can't hoard, can't smoke...how's a neurotic supposed to have any fun?


Anonymous said...

Johnny Walker and crack?

Anonymous said...

"Can't hoard, can't smoke...how's a neurotic supposed to have any fun?"

Hang out in the garage with their friends?

Anonymous said...

How do those so inclined that are crazy, predatory. property destroying, practicing harassment, terrorizing, domestic abuse, etc..have fun in these abusive groups? They terrorize innocent women, create conflict, violate every law, CC&R, file fraudulent lawsuits, place fraudulent liens and illegally foreclose.. The victims have been "farmed," and carefully set up for this abuse in my experience and opinion! The are no abusive, illegal, immoral, unethical, criminal acts beneath those who have stolen the power in these abusive groups.

Anonymous said...

Does the prohibition on hoarding include the hoarding of other people's money by the HOA, its agents, and its attorneys?

Anonymous said...

Adam Ant could probably write a song about that...

gnut said...

> overlawyered.com/2011/04/ban-on-smoking-by-renters/
> Ban on smoking by renters
> by Walter Olson on April 15, 2011
> The Bay Area town of Larkspur plans to forbid most apartment and condominium tenants from smoking in their own units.

Overlawyered.com is a web site that describes itself as "chronicling the high cost of our legal system," which doesn't explain why they ignore all the stories about HOAs banning smoking, and everything else that HOAs do for the benefit of HOA law firms.

Walter Olson and Ted Frank aren't anti-lawyer or anti-litigation; as long as that litigation is against individual American homeowners by private corporate entities who have the privilege of compelling the individual homeowner to pay for expensive litigation against his own interests.

I can only conclude that their standard is "fining and oppressing homeowners to create endless billing and foreclosure opportunities for HOA lawyers is not a high cost to society".

Perhaps Shu Bartholomew can have them as guests on her radio program to explain what their motivation has been in ignoring the stories of abuses of individual American homeowners by HOA lawyers. It's not as though they've had a shortage of material to report about.