Sunday, January 23, 2011

New website: HOA Busters

Check it out:


Fred Pilot said...

The Nevada HOA inmates are revolting again.

The last revolution occurred during 1996-2000, led by the anti-HOA, staunch CAI opponent (and late) Phil "The Ghostbuster" Testa of Justice for Home and Condominium Owners. It's back to the future with "HOA Busters."

Bob Robey said...

Yes, you are correct but now we have legislators who actually live in HOA and several have been subjected to abuse. We will see if change is possible.
Bob R

gnut said...


The horrible design of that web site will not influence anybody.

And as opposed to HOAs as I am, I don't think the "HOA Syndrome" argument -- which is all that web site is -- is going to win any friends, either.

As much as I would like to see a real "HOA Busters" movement, this ain't it.

Mike Reardon said...

I have to agree. Crappy website. I just started my OWN whatever...

I really detest my HOA, they actualy sued my 91 year old neighbor. I have testified to a bunch of obtuse gum chewing legislators here in MA about it...nothing.

WE have a LONG way to go here. And in the birthplace of our Democracy..AGGGGGGHHH

But at least I can now mock my HOA

Anonymous said...

> But at least I can now mock my HOA

Are you sure?

I've heard of HOAs that prohibit criticizing the HOA in public.

(the following is about developers, because I don't have the time to search for the references to HOAs doing this, but is an example of what can be put into a contract)

"Buy a House and Shut Up!"

If you're one of the many who don't want signs in your neighbors' yards anyway, consider the next sentence.

"Moreover, no Owner may use any public medium such as the `internet' or any broadcast or print medium or advertising to similarly malign or disparage the building quality or practices of any
homebuilder, it being acknowledged by all Owners that any complaints or actions against a homebuilder or Declarant are to be resolved in a private manner and any action that creates controversy or publicity for the Subdivision or the quality of construction of any homes within the Subdivision will diminish the quality and value of the Subdivision."

So it's not just those unsightly lawn signs. You may not give a television interview, write a letter to the editor, post a message ona Web site or go on a radio talk show to discuss any problems you may have had with a homebuilder.