Saturday, January 29, 2011

HOA meeting canceled after threat rumors

HOA meeting canceled after threat rumors:
Seems that rumors circulated about some unspecified person supposedly making threats about bringing a gun to the meeting and shooting people. So the meeting was canceled and the Mesa police were called, but they found no evidence of any such plot aside from the rumors. Everybody is hoping that's all there is to it...

Thanks to Pat Haruff for the link.


Anonymous said...

It's likely only the board members and HOA vendors that are concerned.

Anonymous said...

[conspiracy theory]
I don't know if this happened here, but reporting such vague threats -- whether or not they exist -- sounds like a great way for an HOA board to cancel meetings.
[/conspiracy theory]

Back on July 14, 2004, Professor McKenzie predicted that there would be more HOA-related shootings in the future.

Given that the economy as a whole, and the housing market in particular, has collapsed since then, while HOAs are becoming more heavy-handed and squeezing troubled homeowners even tighter, is a wave of HOA-related violence likely in the near future?

And this leads to an interesting philosophical question. Do arguments about the Second Amendment protecting Americans from government tyranny -- I won't rehash them here -- apply to privatized corporate governments?

And can privatized corporate governments ban privately owned firearms in their communisties (see "repressive libertarianism")?

Anonymous said...

Threats, attempted violence, violence, aggression, property damage(s) and worse....Hasn't this been going on within far too many of these abusive groups (mostly unreported) for a decade?
Does anyone recall Bushkill, PA (Pike County) PA? Even the WNEP news crew was in the mix. There is a video on this too, but my link doesn't work. Maybe one of your blogs trusted followers has access to it.

Pine Ridge staff fired after
stormy meeting |
Jan 27, 2008 ... It was a tension convention in Bushkill on Saturday. More than 300 people crammed into the Pine Ridge community center to get ... A WBRE-TV News crew was outside and people were yelling at them, preventing them from entering the building. ... - Similar

Uphill battle for rights in private developments with links to additional articles on this.

Hosni Mubarak said...

I'm going to import this wonderful model of governance to Egypt on my way out of office. I will die on Egyptian soil behind the gates of a CID!