Friday, November 12, 2010

Punches fly in Privatopia

HOUSTON - Bet you've never seen a Homeowner Association Meeting like this one. This homeowner says he's speaking for the majority of residents who live in the Catalina Square Subdivision.

All the board members were voted out and told to immediately turn over all records and any other property belonging to the Catalina Square Improvement Committee.

"Our president came towards him to try to shut him down and told him he couldn't do that," homeowner Pat Martin said.

Suddenly the meeting turns violent.

"They got physical, our president (William Harris) swung at one of the homeowners," Martin said.

Fox 26 in Houston has the story. And it reports it is looking into lots of HOA horror stories here.

Sadly, we're likely to see more fisticuffs in Privatopia amid growing tensions brought on by assessment shortfalls as the seemingly never ending train of foreclosures keeps rolling down the tracks.

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