Thursday, November 11, 2010

O Canada: HOA flag flap erupts north of the border

An Ontario couple said they will not give in to their neighborhood association's demand to remove a Canadian flag from their garage unless ordered by a judge.

Brian Cassidy, 63, and wife Linda-Lee Cassidy, 61, of the Mill Retirement Community in Lakeshore, said the homeowners' association told them the flag must be removed from its perch in front of their garage because neighbors had complained about the 8-foot flagpole "changing the architecture" of the house's exterior, a violation of neighborhood bylaws, the Windsor Star reported Thursday.

The homeowners' association said the couple will not be allowed to vote at meetings until the flagpole is removed, but Brian Cassidy said he will not be swayed.

"I put that flag up to stay up," he said. "It's not coming down. I take pride in my country and my flag."
So there! Rest of the story here.

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Anonymous said...

This same idiocy reigns supreme south of the 49th parallel as well. What is wrong when a man seeks to display his love of his country and pride in his country's flag? If there is anything that one should be able to display on his home and property without interference, it should be his country's flag!

Tell the homeowners' association that they can take their architectural standards and shove them where the sun doesn't shine! God Bless Mr. and Mrs. Cassidy and God Bless Canada!