Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Study: Cut in delta water use needed for fish

Study: Cut in delta water use needed for fish: "The amount of water pumped out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta would have to be cut in half if vulnerable fish populations are going to be preserved for future generations, a state report declared Tuesday."
The Central Valley of California, one of the nation's most productive agricultural areas, is covered with brown fields because a judge in the delta smelt case ordered the water flow from the delta reduced. That massive litigation continues. Meanwhile, here is the state water board saying it is necessary to cut the flow by half, permanently.

I think water wars are going to be front and center in US and international politics for a long time, and what is happening right now in California is part of the front line.

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Anonymous said...

The water wars are also happening in Privatopia.

Utility companies do not have the authority to force people to buy their services. Developers have been setting up private water utilities, burdening property with an HOA corporation (under the control of the developer), and then using the HOA corporation or architectural committee to force homeowners to purchase the developer's goods and services.

THis is becoming particularly problematic as utilities de-regulate because the homeowner is being denied the right to choose. With a bevy of involuntary customers, the utility can charge whatever rates they want and provide as lousy a service as they want because the homeowner is forced to consume from the HOA-board designated vendor under threat of fine and foreclosure on their homes.