Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Sovereign citizens" taking over homes |

DA: Paper terrorists stealing homes �| "They call themselves “sovereign citizens” and believe they are immune to state and federal laws. They assert, among other things, that banks can’t own land and that any home owned by a bank – including the thousands throughout Georgia – is free for the taking.

Police and prosecutors take a different view. The FBI has listed them on the domestic terrorist list, saying their crime of choice is paper terrorism and attempting to disrupt the U.S. economy."

This could get ugly.

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Anonymous said...

What about an equal protection claim in view of the conduct of the banks.

I mean you had paper terrorism of creating securitized trusts and issuing loans as quickly as possible without regard to anything in order to fund these trusts with promissory notes. The result was clearly a global financial meltdown and what other outcome could have been expected.

However, the feds loaned TRILLIONS of dollars to the banks with zero accountability for the funds. The sovereign citizen isn't quite as greedy. Perhaps they will loan a sovereign citizen enough for one house?