Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HOA, residents fight over "Don't Tread on Me" flag

9NEWS.com | Denver | Colorado's Online News Leader | HOA, residents fight over flag: "Last week, he received a letter from the East York Villas Homeowner's Association stating: 'Tea Party flags are not permitted. Please Remove.' The letter threatened a fine of up to $100 per month if the flag is not removed.

The flag has also had connections to the U.S. military. But in recent years, the Gadsden flag has been a fixture at Tea Party rallies, making some think of it as a political symbol for that party."

Thanks to the anonymous contributor who sent this along. Seems the Tea Party and the Gadsen flag aren't popular with the HOA crowd. Maybe it's that anti-authoritarian, pro-individual liberty message.

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Anonymous said...

"Maybe it's that anti-authoritarian, pro-individual liberty message."

Time for a Tea Party branch called "Libertarians against nebbish, authoritative HOAs?"