Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sailor faces fine for leasing condo

Homeowner's association charges sailor $10 a day CHEASPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) - For three years, the condo on Rivanna River Reach was home for Mike Lukaszonas.
But when the Navy transferred the helicopter pilot to Florida, he started leasing his home to someone else to help pay for the mortgage. He asked his homeowner's association for permission
"They decided unanimously to vote no," said Mike Lukaszonas, "and the reason was never cited in the letter. They just said denied."


Another genius board at work here.

I wonder if Zogby ever talked to anyone in this haven of happy homeowners?


Anonymous said...

from the story:
" wanted to talk to the association president, who happens to be Lukaszonas' neighbor. The door was open, the dog was barking, but no one came to the door."

Do you think the HOA president got fined for the barking dog?

Anonymous said...

Why would a naval aviator voluntarily sign a contract to live under the rule of a communist regime?

Having to ask for permission to rent out your own property is un-American.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that the developers and local municipalities benefit from these regimes so virtually 100% of all new housing is in such a regime. When areas get re-developed they are converted into HOA regimes. The naval aviator had to have a place to live but non-HOA properties are not a viable option in that part of the country in particular. No condominium association should have any authority to dictate whether you can rent or who you can rent to. They have no right to dictate who can own a condo unit and it makes no sense that they should have any authority regarding property the condo association does not own.

If the naval aviator sues, there will be a member of CAI representing the condo association trying to explain why it would be better "for the community" for the owner's unit to be vacant rather than occupied by some in contractual privity with the naval aviator. It's obvious that the board president is acting in his own personal interests to the detriment of both the owner and the condo corporation.

Communisty Associations Institute said...

We support the troops.

However, we also support homeowners who take pride in following the rules, and meeting their obligations to the collective by paying their assessments on time.

Like our soldiers serving overseas, the rule-abiding dues-paying Common Interest Community homeowner is working hard to make America a better place ... for all of us.

There is also the selfless dedication and sacrifice of volunteer HOA Board members all over this great nation, who give freely of their time to make their Common Interest Communities a place worth living. Let us not overlook their service to their neighbors.

Like our brave warriors protecting us from external enemies, Homeowners Associations protect our way of life too; by enforcing the rules that preserve conformity of appearance, and Property Values(tm). Only by Working Together(tm) can homeowners, under the leadership of volunteer HOA Boards of Directors with the assistance of property management companies and HOA lawyers, protect their neighborhoods from the internal threats of individualism and delinquency.

In this time of great peril, we have asked our military service members to sacrifice much. Is it too much to ask that homeowners also be required to make a smaller sacrifice -- of the equity in their homes -- for the common good?

God Bless HOAs And America!

PS - And don't forget to think of the kittens.

gnut said...

It's been two months since WFAA first reported the Michael Clauer story. The only national media outlets to inform the American public about what happened were the left-wing Mother Jones (May 28, 2010) and the liberal NPR (June 29, 2010).

Like the theft of Captain Clauer's house, the "support the troops" punditocracy is going to ignore what's being done to Mike Lukasnonas.

Do conservatives and Republicans have so much invested, emotionally and/or financially, in their notions of privatized corporate communism that they are willing to sell out the members of the military? Does John Corona have that much power?

I'll let you decide for yourself (but the answer is "yes").

Conversely, the liberals and Democrats have too much invested in making sure that their parasitic tort lawyer donors have a continuous and reliable food source -- the American homeowner -- to curb the power of HOA corporate governments. And although Republicans want tort reform to limit suits by individuals against corporations, corporations suing individuals does not bother them.

The entire HOA apparatus is a perfect example of bi-partisanship. Democrats and Republicans are both working -- if not together, at least agreeing to not interfere with each other -- to take us down The Privatized Toll Road To Serfdom.