Saturday, July 17, 2010

At Mass this morning, there was a reading from Micah, II,1-3

Sent to me from a friend. Am sharing with permission.

"Shame on those who lie in bed planning evil and wicked deeds and rise at daybreak to do them, knowing that they have the power!
They covet land and take it by force; if they want a house they seize it; they rob a man of his home and steal every man's inheritance.

Therefore these are the words of the Lord:
Listen, for this whole brood I am planning disaster...

Goodness! I didn't know the CAI-HOA was active then, too!


Anonymous said...

There's a special place in Hell for the souls of Tom Skiba, John Corona, et al.

And it's probably deed restricted and covenant controlled -- for all of Eternity.

But they knew what they were getting into when they voluntarily signed whatever contract they did with the Devil, who now has a perpetual lien on their souls.

Until that day when they are judged for their sins, it might be time to bring back the fine political tradition of tar & feathers.

Anonymous said...

The evildoers have been around a long time. They will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

I must admit, if I took the time I could add numbers of names to the list of evil doers (thieves, domestic terrorists, domestic abusers, CRIMINALS, attorneys and all)involved in the HOA/COA/CID
DISASTER, in the USA. Where to start would be the problem, but I am sure it could be figured out. I really don't believe they have to "lie in bed planning evil and wicked deeds." I think there is a industry reference book of "evil and wicked deeds," and when so inclined, (somebody doesn't like somebody, discrimination, jealousy, personal bias, make an easy profit, board member, prop mgr, atty suspected of stealing, etc.) this unsuspecting and vulnerable homeowner becomes their latest victim!
Selective targeting, terrorizing, filing fabricated lawsuits, property destruction and literally deliberately devastating the homeowners life and finances. While, of course, stealing their home!

Sting said...

Our so-called leaders speak

With words they try to jail you

They subjugate the meek

But it's the rhetoric of failure