Friday, March 05, 2010

Poll: 86 percent say government 'broken' - Andy Barr -

Poll: 86 percent say government 'broken' - Andy Barr - "Wide majorities of Americans do not trust elected officials and think the federal government is “broken,” according to excerpts of a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Monday.

Eighty-six percent of the 1,023 Americans surveyed nationwide said that the government is “broken” compared to only 14 percent who said it is not.

However, only 5 percent of the 86 percent who think government is “broken” believe that it “cannot be fixed.”"

Those two sentiments in combination--government is broken but it can be fixed--mean that the Democratic Party should expect to be the target of voter rage in November, at the federal and state levels. The only way people can vote to "fix" government in our two-party system is to vote for the party that isn't currently in control. Unless there is some major good news on the economic front between now and election day, the Democrats are in trouble. I see no way such news can be forthcoming. The employment picture just can't turn around by then. Some indicators are positive, but voters don't care about the Dow-Jones average.


Anonymous said...

If only libertarians, conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, etc., could open their eyes and see that "private government" is also broken...

Anonymous said...

"Private government" was "broken" at the outset. People are aware that HOAs are bad news. The bigger problem is how to avoid them when the municipal governments have been mandating them for so long.

Fred Pilot said...

Guess who elects the local governments who make this policy? Find the closest mirror.