Saturday, March 06, 2010

BBC News - Swiss ask whether animals need lawyers

BBC News - Swiss ask whether animals need lawyers: "Swiss voters will go to the polls on Sunday to decide on a proposal to appoint state-funded lawyers across the country to represent animals in court. Supporters of the initiative say such lawyers would help deter cases of animal cruelty and neglect, by making sure that those who did abuse or neglect animals would be properly punished."
I guess the Swiss must have a lot of extra money lying around to even be considering this. Thanks to Marty Muloski for the link.

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Part- Swiss said...

The Swiss may have money, however, the question remains. What do you think as a political scientist who has a law degree in the U.S.?

Your opinion would be of interest to those of us who are, or perhaps, even those who are not, animal lovers, whether we are Swiss or not.

Thank you.