Monday, January 11, 2010

Neighborly ties survive even when HOAs rule

Neighborly ties survive even when HOAs rule: "John Kolodziej did not care if his neighborhood had a homeowners association when he moved to Glendale's 80th Lane more than a decade ago.

But now he is glad that his neighbors dropped their restrictions and let the HOA die. He finds them to be more neighborly."

But the article claims a study shows associations don't kill the sense of community.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to get a copy of the study report, but that is proving difficult. Only one website exists, on the Geospatial Center website and not on social science. The "presentation" appears to be just a series of powerpoint screens -- the charts are too small to read. Not at all like a professional study.

Anonymous said...

"Kolodziej's experience bears out a recent Arizona State University study, which found that non-HOA neighborhoods tended to have stronger social ties."
I believe this is nothing but fabricated propaganda! Generally, I believe and I trust real research will support that the majority of HOA's, etc... have destroyed the concept of "community, " and social ties.
If the association is abusive, or has a board of those, "entitled, " above all others, it is even worse.
How about some real research with truthful, accurate accounts of these "communities."

Anonymous said...

From a comment at by "Houston Lawyer":

"Why the ragging on HOAs? I have found that they are far more responsive than city government. My one phone call to the HOA stopped a neighbor from parking a Ford Excursion in his front yard. If you don’t want to be subject to an HOA, don’t buy a house in a neighborhood governed by one."

Perhaps the "social ties" in HOA "communities" are really "social chains"?

Or "socialist chains," if there can be such a thing as privatized socialism.