Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HOA Wants Police Precinct - Detroit Local News Story - WDIV Detroit

Neighborhood Wants Police Precinct - Detroit Local News Story - WDIV Detroit: "Residents in the Jefferson-Chalmers area said they deal with break-ins and gunshots daily.

'We need a police station in our area, that would help. That's the first step,' said resident James Jackson.

The Jefferson-Chalmers Homeowners Association is pushing for its own police precinct, which residents said will hopefully stand right in the heart of the neighborhood"

Thanks to Fred Pilot for this story about an HOA that is turning to local government for help. They are leveraging their organizational capacities and numbers. But all the libertarians tell us that HOAs are better than cities. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the HOA just form their own police force?

Since they have the power of small governments, but are shielded as corporations, they wouldn't have to observe anything like due process or constitutional rights, since "members" have already waived them.

(Remember, in Libertarian Utopia, you can sell yourself into slavery).

Imagine how much property values will be protected when the HOA Police can search your home, detain homeowners, tap your phone, require random drug tests, ban gun ownership, etc., without any oversight -- except by the HOA's lawyers.

And when the real police can't get one of those search warrants in the course of their investigation, they can exercise The Homeowners Association Loophole.