Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Col. Barfoot gets White House support | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Col. Barfoot gets White House support | Richmond Times-Dispatch: "I think its silly to think that somebody that's done that couldn't have a flagpole,' said Gibbs, the White House press secretary, referring to Barfoot's service in three wars."
This HOA is taking a ferocious beating in the national press. Latest shot comes from President Obama's press secretary. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would make a public announcement that in view of this man's service to his country, they are letting him keep the flagpole. But if they had an ounce of common sense they never would have gone after him in the first place.

Thanks to George Staropoli for this follow-up link.


Anonymous said...

From the comments section of the Tines-Dispatch link:

"Is it not amazing that it took a U.S. Senator, A U.S. House of Representatives member, Governor of Virginia, spokesman for the POUS, hundreds of phone calls and emails and thousands of posts on various websites to get through to the mini-dictators of Sussex Square HOA?"

What hope do the rest of us have?

Anonymous said...

And does anyone else find it amusing that in the header of every reader comment at the Times-Dispatch link it says "Flag Comment"?

Fred Fischer said...

This case reveals one of the big flaws and masquerades of privatized housing and why HOAs/POAs and Condominium’s are not really community associations. Because consumers who ultimately buy into these Common Interest Developments automatically become its members and business partners, but never had a say or vote in their neighborhoods or condominiums association creation. Therefore the member’s best interests or their values were not nor could have been represented since no meeting of the minds ever occurred between the buyers and the developer who the association contract is so posed to represent.

That's why so many Cc&Rs like no flag poles exists and why Boards are caught in the middle of enforcing Cc&Rs that are against the values of most of it's members.

So the next time you read the phrase community association. Be advised it’s referring to the developer, professional service providers and others who make up the industry community that exclusively created the association and in part or in whole who also depend on CID housing for their livelihood and not the members community.