Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cantor Introduces Flag Resolution Into U.S. House - wtvr

Cantor Introduces Flag Resolution Into U.S. House - wtvr: "WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. House of Representatives is reviewing a resolution that would allow all Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to properly display the flag on their property at all times."
Courtesy of Republican Eric Cantor, the latest salvo in the Barfoot affair. Thanks to Fred Pilot for this update.


Anonymous said...

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, there are currently 92 living recipients of the MOH.

Anonymous said...

Makes for political fodder, but why shouldn't everyone else be able to display the flag on their property?

The defective Right to Display the Flag Act could be fixed by eliminating the "nothwithstanding" clause that specifically enables HOAs to engage in this conduct in the first place even in subdivisions where they couldn't previously.

Wonder what HOA trade-lobby group was responsible for empowering HOAs to prohibit or restrict the display of the American flag in such a manner.....

Evan McKenzie said...

You'd get no argument from me. However, I have no problem giving Medal of Honor winners all kinds of benefits that the rest of us don't get. If I had my way, they'd all be paying no income tax and getting free rides on public transportation.

Anonymous said...

There is no debate that Medal of Honor winners should be recognized for what they have done.

These folks risked their lives fighting tyranny and oppression around the world. Now this oppression has come to roost at home and it is supported by his government. It is pedantic to suggest that his "reward" should be that as a result of his acts of courage he will not be subjected to the same level of oppression that the government so willingly supports against his neighbors. Puhlease.

The reality is that this Medal of Honor winner is still fighting oppression and tyranny. However instead of fighting in distant geographical regions, he is having to fight oppression in his own home on Main Street, USA. It is not an acceptable "compromise" to suggest that homeowners must accept tyrannical and oppressive rule unless they are medal of honor recipients.

By prevailing in this battle, this medal of honor winner has struck a blow to the oppressive rule of the HOA regime for the benefit of ALL of his neighbors. If folks are interested in honoring him, then please do not diminish his accomplishments by suggesting that he is the only one that should have this right to fly the flag. The wrong that he has battled is any restriction that purports to prohibit flying the flag as he has chosen.