Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oceans Could Absorb Much More CO2: Discovery News

Oceans Could Absorb Much More CO2: Discovery News: "Sept. 1, 2009 -- Earth's oceans are vast reservoirs of carbon dioxide (CO2) with the potential to control the pace of global warming.

It all hinges on the fate of marine 'snow' -- a constant sprinkle of carbon-rich bits that flutter down from the sea surface to the cold depths below. And according to a new study, the flurries could suck much more of the greenhouse gas out of the atmosphere than previously thought."

But it's from that right-wing think tank, The Discovery Channel.


Anonymous said...

But what about that other (or the same?) Discovery Channel program showing how global warming is releasing methane stored in the ocean depths, accelerating global warming?

Evan McKenzie said...

As the scientist quoted at the end of the study says, "The answer is I don't know. This is the major gap to be filled in our research community in the future."
The truth is that nobody knows.

Neither does anybody know how much humans are contributing to climate change through CO2 emissions. Certainly nobody knows how much difference it would make if we pass cap and trade. Maybe none.

But we have no shortage of people who argue that we must immediately make major changes in our lives, and that anybody who continues to question their logic or evidence is a menace to society.

Anonymous said...

By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent Charles J. Hanley, Ap Special Correspondent – Mon Aug 31, 5:03 am ET

MACKENZIE RIVER DELTA, Northwest Territories – Only a squawk from a sandhill crane broke the Arctic silence — and a low gurgle of bubbles, a watery whisper of trouble repeated in countless spots around the polar world.

"On a calm day, you can see 20 or more `seeps' out across this lake," said Canadian researcher Rob Bowen, sidling his small rubber boat up beside one of them. A tossed match would have set it ablaze.

"It's essentially pure methane."