Monday, September 14, 2009

Drying For Freedom | a film about clotheslines

Drying For Freedom | a film about clotheslines
The people making this documentary will be interviewing me tomorrow. I have been talking with Steven Lake for a couple of months, and I think this will be a fascinating film.


Anonymous said...

The film idea sounds interesting and is long overdue. I believe what need to be delivered to the public in any movie about CID's, HOA's, COA's etc., is the targeted abuse, fabticated assessments, legal abuse and victimization of vulnerable populations that has become a mela ticket for some board members, managers, their friends, credentialed associates, and of course thse attorneys who are simply evil. These abusive groups need to be held accountable for all their acts, no matter who they are and/or who they know.
Hopefully, the producers of this film will be talking to those who have been victimized, those who have asked, and asked those empowered for help, and those who remain homeless. The truth needs to be crystal clear.
Give it to them straight, Dr. McKenzie!

Shu Bartholomew said...

I am sorry Steven Lake chose such a narrow focus for his film when the big picture is still sitting out there, waiting to be discovered.

The problems and issues surrounding common ownership schemes seem to be insurmountable and yet the monster machine keeps churning them out and the lies pile on higher and deeper all the time.