Monday, September 14, 2009

Clotheslines a hang-up for some communities -

Clotheslines a hang-up for some communities - "'What we're talking about here is a cultural shift,' says Alexander Lee, founder of pro-clothesline group Project Laundry List. 'It would be nice to go from community association to community association to have this discussion and change the rules, but there are 300,000 of them, and we need to hurry along now if we're going to cope with climate change...Laws with varying levels of protections for clotheslines passed in May for Vermont, in June for Maine and in July for Hawaii, joining existing laws in Florida, Utah and Colorado.

That doesn't sit well with some local associations, who feel states are stepping into decisions that should be made by local association boards.'"


Anonymous said...

The problem is that the residents have little control over the decisions made by these boards AND there is a huge industry that profits from accusations of "noncompliance". That industry (represented by CAI) is always pushing for ever greater restrictions, disenfranchisement of the individuals whose property is affected, "fines", "private dispute resolution", and giving board authoritarian control over property belonging to the actual homeowners. The system is so corrupt that the ONLY solution is for the "greater community" to restrain the powers of these boards to say "you can't treat people and their property in this fashion".

Beth said...

Why wouldn't the same "local is better" philosophy inspire people to leave things up to the individual homeowner, rather than the hoas?