Thursday, August 13, 2009

How about sporks?

Lynn bans BB guns, bats, clubs to increase school safety - The Boston Globe: "The City Council authorized police this week to arrest students who bring to school objects that could be used as weapons, officials said.

The ordinance, which passed Tuesday, expands the definition of a weapon to include items that are otherwise legal but could be used to inflict physical harm, said Police Chief Kevin F. Coppinger."

They didn't "ban" these things. They made it a crime to bring anything to school that could be used as a weapon. There is a constitutional rule that says it is a denial of due process of law to draft a vague, overly-broad ordinance that could include just about anything, depending on how the police feel at the moment. Kind of like this one? How do you like this: "“We’re trying to be proactive,’’ Coppinger said. “We didn’t see an uptick in kids bringing weapons to school." He said police will make arrests depending on an individual’s actions, motivations, and circumstances.

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Beth said...

I guess kids will have to sit naked on the floor of empty classrooms now. For sure they can't have pencils or books (my 9yo was prohibited from bringing a book to a political rally because security told us it could be used as a weapon). Is there anything that can't be used as a weapon?